Beginner Orchestra playing a concert

Beginner Orchestra

  • Conductor: Ben Culver
  • Schedule: 8am – 12:30pm
  • Cost: $165

The Beginner Orchestra offers campers their very first orchestra experience. Pieces are selected to strengthen students in the basics of musicianship. Campers in the Beginner Orchestra should be comfortable reading music and have at least 1 year of playing experience.

  • Orchestra – Orchestra practice is the highlight of each day. Campers work together under the direction of Ben Culver to prepare several pieces for the Friday night concert. Music is sent out the end of May so that campers can learn their parts ahead of time. By the time camp starts, everyone should be ready to work on musicality and ensemble.
  • Sectionals – Each day, the four sections of the orchestra meet separately to work with a faculty member on challenging spots in their orchestra music.
  • Chapel – Three times throughout the week, the entire camp gathers to hear preaching from the Scriptures. Uplifting congregational singing and testimonies from the staff complete these key sessions.
  • Theory – Campers are divided into four different theory classes based on a placement test. The classes are tailored to students’ individual needs with emphasis ranging from rhythm to chordal analysis.
  • Choir – In addition to studying their musical instruments, campers also have a brief opportunity to develop their voice by singing together to the Lord (Psalm 96:1).

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